Asrar-e-Khud By Dr. Allama Iqbal (Translation)

Love fears neither sword nor dagger,
Love is not born of water and air and earth.
Love makes peace and war in the world,
Love is the Fountain of Life, Love is the flashing sword of Death.
The hardest rocks are shivered by Love’s glance:
Love of God at last becomes wholly God,
Learn thou to love, and seek a beloved:
Seek an eye like Noah’s, a heart like Job’s !
Transmute thy handful of earth into gold,
Kiss the threshold of a Perfect Man!
Like Rumi, light the candle
And burn Rum in the fire of Tabriz !
There is a beloved hidden within thine heart:
I will show him to thee, if thou hast eyes to see.
His lovers are fairer than the fair,
Sweeter and comelier and more beloved.
By. love of him the heart is made strong
And earth rubs shoulders with the Pleiades.
The soil of Najd was quickened by his grace
And fell into a rapture and rose to the skies
In the Muslim ‘s heart is the home of Muhammad,
All our glory is from the name of Muhammad.
“Muhammad is the preface to the book of the universe;
All the worlds are slaves and he is the Master.” —– Jami
From the wine of Love spring many spiritual qualities:
Amongst the attributes of Love is blind devotion.
The saint of Bistam, who in devotion was unique,
Abstained from eating a water-melon.
Be a lover constant in devotion to thy beloved,
That thou mayst cast thy nose and capture God.
Sojourn for a while on the Hira of the heart.
Abandon self and flee to God.
Strengthened by God, return to they self
And break the heads of the Lat and Uzza of sensuality

Book: The Secrets of the Self (Asrar-e-Khud by Allama Iqbal)



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