How Jasmine Manzoor hosts a show!

A sample episode of any show with Jasmine Manzoor.

Jasmine: Aaaap nay bijli kay narkh kyon bardhaaaaai?
Guest: jee, daikhain…
Jasmine: Nahin, main pooch rahi hoon, aap nay bijli mehengi kyon kee?
Guest: Main bata raha hoon…
Jasmine: Nahin, nahiiiiin, aap ko nahin pata kay awwwwwaaaaaam kay pass itnay bill dainay kay paisay nahin hain? (Thumping the desk)
Guest: main…
Jasmine: Bataain mujhay. Jawab dain. (Shaking the pen in his face)
Guest: Mujhay bolnay to dain….
Jasmine: Nahiiiiin, hum IMF kay kehnay pay kab tak bijli mehengi kartay rahain gay? (grabbing the edge of the table in anger)
Guest: meri baat sunnain….
Jasmine: Kab tak hum IMF kay ghulam banay rahain gaaaaaay? (Foaming at the mouth)
Guest: Oh ho, meri araz to sunnain, main keh raha tha IMF….
Jasmine: Kya aaaap nay awaaam ki araz sunni jo main aaap ki araz sunooon? (Shreiking so loudly that her mic is picking up only static at this point)
Guest: (giving up by now)——–
Jasmine: Jee nazreen, aap nay daikha kay hum nay bijli kay bardhtay daamon pay awaam ka case in hukmaraanon ki bayrehammmmmm adaalat main paish kiya, magar in kay pass jawab main kehnay ko kuch nahiiiin.
Guest: (giggling nervously now) hee hee…..ammi, aunty pagal hai……hee hee.

  1. #1 by Zafariqbal on December 16, 2011 - 8:29 pm

    just listening to her interviewing Imran Khan….
    so far, Imarn Khan is able to fend her off….. though she is doing her best to interject with “hoon” and “haan”

    lets see whoo wins this shouting match.

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