BroadCasting of GEO TV Network


The term ‘Broadcasting’ refers to the practice of sending content to audience in form of Audio and/or Video through Radio or Television. A broadcast engineer sets up, operates and maintains equipments that are used in broadcasting operations.
The technical or broadcasting department of Geo Network is situated in Spotlight Chamber, 4th Floor, Jang office, Karachi. This department consists of following portions:

  • Master Control Room (MCR)
  • Production Control Room (PCR)
  • Ingesting Room
  • Quality Checking or Quality Control Room (QC Room)
  • Central Apparatus Room
  • VIZ
  • Automation

Master Control Room (MCR)

Master Control Room (MCR) is a centre of major broadcast operations. MCR has very number of monitor screens, Video Tape Recorders (VTR), Video Switchers, Video Mixer, automation systems for recording and playback of programs etc.
Geo Network currently has setup of following 9 channels.

  1. Geo News
  2. Geo News – International
  3. Geo Entertainment
  4. Geo Entertainment (for UK viewers)
  5. Geo Entertainment (for USA viewers)
  6. Geo Entertainment (for Middle East viewers)
  7. Geo Super
  8. Aag
  9. Aag – International

Production Control Room (PCR)

In General, The production control room (PCR), also known as the “gallery” or Studio Control Room (SCR), is the place in a television studio in which the composition of the outgoing program takes place. Facilities in a PCR include:

  • Video Monitor wall
  • Video Switcher
  • Magic Dave with 8 inputs is being used in PCR of Technical Department of Geo Network.

  • Audio Mixer
  • TASCAM DM 3200

  • Playback servers (MAC systems)
  • CAN DV is used for Scheduling and Playback

CAR (Central Apparatus Room)

CAR is the most sensitive and most critical area of whole technical department of Broadcast operations. All efforts are done to keep this room at as low temperature as possible. Equipments like Video routers, MediaPorts, SAN, SPGs, Changeover units, PMBs, Audio Processors etc
Details of some of the apparatus is as follows:

    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • This is the area where all the major contents are stored. The validity of any content stored in SAN is about one month maximum. After the validity expires, the data is automatically is deleted.

    There are two volumes of SAN at CAR of Geo Network. Each volume consists of two RAIDs of seven Hard Drive.

  • Video Routers
  • There are two video routers. One is in CAR, another is in Akhbar Manzil.

  • Tektronix SPG 422
  • The SPG 422 provides the basic timing and test signals needed to operate mixed format environments.

  • Changeover units
  • ECO 422 provides automatic selection of reference sources.

Magic dave, video switcher

Magic Dave with 8 inputs

Sound System, Audio Mixer


SPG 422 Component Digital Master Sync Generator

Changeover units

ECO 422 Changeover units

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