What would I do if I became the Prime Minister of a Country

Some months ago, I was asked by a freind (infact a critic of mine) that What would I do if I am made the Prime Minister of Pakistan. At that time I just ignored that guy and replied that I dont want to become the Prime Minister because I know my weaknesses and I know that I simply cant run the whole country.
*Fast forwarding*, We were given an home assingment recently in the course Engineering Economics, a weird assignment I consider. We have to write Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Prime Minister of a Country. Now, I just wonder what would be the ‘Disadvantage’ of becoming the Prime Minister. Anyways, while I was working on this assignment, the guy who asked me What would I do, If I am made the Prime Minister clicked on my mind and I thought Why dont I answer this question instead of doing some stupid assingments 😀 . So here it is:

End to Corruption:

I believe if the Prime Minister is sincere and honest she/he can definitely reduce corruption in bureaucratic offices. According to a report, the bureaucracy tops the list of most corrupt institutions in Pakistan . I would take strict action against those who is found guilty of corruption in state’s high offices like Police, Courts, Customs and Excise, Income Tax etc.

Fighting Poverty and Hunger:

Millions of people go to bed hungry, and many of them die due to hunger. Therefore, If I became the Prime Minister of our Country, It will be my foremost efforts to reduce poverty by providing the people basic education plus technical skills. This will surely help those people earning their living. I would device such policies that aim that creating more job opportunities and enabling ownership of assets to the poor.

Independence from Foreign Aid:

The leaders of the developed nations loot other nations of their freedom, wealth and brains and in turn send those nations with “aids,” the very “aid” which is recovered with much more than the actual amount. And these great leaders are lauded with Nobel prizes for such acts of charity . In other words, Foreign Aid doesn’t help much in our case. Therefore, to work more efficiently and effectively, we must rely on our own strength and say no to Foreign Aid.

Generate Revenue Through Tax:

During the economic crises, it is very difficult to generate funds for development projects, especially when we don’t want to rely on foreign aid. One of the most important ways for any Government to generate funds is through taxes. In a country like ours, taxes is imposed on already poverty stricken masses while the elites don’t feel like giving even a single penny in tax. Our policy will be such that we force the elites of the country to pay due tax in time. This revenue through taxes will be utilized in creating more jobs and raising the standards of the poor.

End the VIP culture:

We have to admit that the same luxurious life cannot be provided to everyone due to limitations of the resources. The imbalance between different people is inevitable. What we can do is to reduce this gap by putting an end on the VIP culture by setting an example in simple living and an austere lifestyle. This way we can earn the trust of the masses and utilizing the funds in more development projects which will be the pride of the whole nation.

Promote Regional Peace:

We will promote regional peace and strengthen our relationships with friendly countries. Instead of spending a massive amount of GDP to maintain and upgrade our already existing mountains of nuclear weapons, we will try to buy weapons that help us in fighting growing poverty, inflation, illiteracy and unemployment.


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  1. #1 by Waqar Hameed (@waqarhameed) on September 4, 2011 - 1:08 am

    I will wait for your blog post on “How will I achieve the things I mentioned in the previous blog post?”

  2. #3 by Jumshaid Iqbal Dasti on June 12, 2015 - 11:03 pm

    pakistan ko is wakt industry ke zrort hi jess sy hamry kai lakh byroz gar log jobs ky like ho jain gy

  3. #4 by Jumshaid Iqbal Dasti on June 12, 2015 - 11:09 pm

    Laws and orders is very important for our nation. There is no rule in our country

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