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Asad Umar resigned today as CEO of Engro Corp after 27 long years. Having set a precedent for other local companies to follow, Asad Umer has often been characterized as the leading figure behind Engro’s enormous success. Success which has now flowed through to international borders – marking the path for Pakistan’s first multinational enterprise.

Having graduated from one of Pakistan’s Premier Business school (IBA, Karachi) in 1984, he started his career with HSBC, and in 1985 joined Exxon Chemical Pakistan – which was later transformed into Engro Corporation limited. Having worked in almost all the divisions and business units of Engro, Asad eventually went on to become the President of Engro Polymer, and in 2004, became the CEO of Engro Corporation.

Highlighting early retirement to pursue “other interests”, there is major talk that Asad Umar has joined PTI as Vice President. Though this is debatable, there are reasons to…

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  1. #1 by pakistansociety on April 17, 2012 - 2:40 am

    Given your interest in PTI, I am guessing you are also interested in changing how our society behaves. This is one of the motives for the creation of my many blogs, one of which is –

    Let me know what you think – perhaps we can work together towards bringing whatever little change possible in this country of sleeping souls.

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