“Pakistan towards year 2050” by Dr Adnan Haider

A book, “Pakistan towards year 2050” will be published in June 2012.The author of the book is Dr Adnan Haider, PhD, member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,
Publisher: TheNextBigwriter Booksie, USA.

Dr Adnan Haider has written many books on similar topics. The book “Pakistan towards year 2050” describes some predictions, based on the facts, theories and possibilities in world politics. The book describes the role of United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia in internal and external circumstances of Pakistan till the year 2050.

The book presents some facts about political revolutions in Pakistan from year 2013 to 2050. The book compares various political systems of the world and their implementation in Pakistan. The book has included the views of different political scientists, social scientists, policy makers, technocrats, senators, congressmen, professors and analysts from across the globe.

The university professors in American and European universities have given their opinions (predictions) about the movement of Pakistan’s politics from 2013 to 2050.

The author Dr Adnan Haider, PhD predicted the economical growth of Pakistan, the high technology’s future in Pakistan and the role of Pakistan as mediator between the Islamic world and the Western world in future. The next four decades (2010-2020, 2020-2030, 2030-2040 and 2040 to 2050) are very important for the next generations of Pakistanis.
The author is very realistic, practical and optimistic about the future of Pakistan.

The contents of the book “Pakistan towards year 2050” are:

  1. Pakistan’s Brief History
  2. Politics in Pakistan
  3. What can make Pakistan better
  4. How Pakistan can mingle among the Western Nations
  5. Pakistan on world map till 2050
  6. The role of Pakistan’s agencies for the growth of Pakistan
  7. The US Interests till 2050 in Pakistan
  8. India and Pakistan’s relations till 2050
  9. Pakistan,Iran,Afghanistan,South Asia and Central Asia till 2050
  10. The future economy of Pakistan
  11. The future of Political parties of Pakistan
  12. Pakistan’s role in the Muslim world
  13. Pakistan,secularism,capitalism,communism and Islam
  14. The Pakistan’s High Technology towards 2050
  15. The Nationalism towards 2050
  16. The risks for Pakistan for next 4 decades
  17. The Revolutions in Pakistan from 2013 to 2050
  18. Pakistan’s economic reforms till 2050
  19. Pakistan from ideology to implementation
  20. The feudals,armed forces,moderats,liberals and clerics in Pakistan.
  21. Predictions Vs Realities
  22. Assumptions Vs Facts
  23. What is next in Pakistan

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