Economy of Pakistan under PPP’s leadership

Asif  Ali Zardari

It saddens me when some people still supporting Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) . Some die heart supporters step ahead by saying any other government except PPP won’t be able to control the economy of the country.

Well, I am not an expert in the field of economics but I can surely say that the fall of Pakistani rupees value From Rs 60/$ to Rs 94/$ in four years is not a good sign at all.

According to the latest Economic Survey 2011-12, Pakistan’s debt has reached to Rs 12,024 bn. Last year, the debt was Rs 10,706 bn. The economic surveys further reveal that the debt has rise up to nearly 100% since the PPP government took over in 2008.

According to the official website of Pakistan Board of Investment, Foreign Direct Investment is decreasing each year since 2008. Again this is all because of the poor governance of the current so-called democratic PPP’s government. No nation can prosper with a huge debt and very low investments in development projects.

Despite the economic conditions, PPP government cannot refrain themselves from corruption in development projects and wasting honest tax-payers’ money. The justification which we get from PPP ministers is that “Corruption is their right!”.

The vision of providing basic human needs i.e. Roti, Kapra aur Makaan (Food, clothe and shelter) has been greatly ignored by the current PPP’s government and pity for a nation who still want to elect same PPP government in the next general elections.

It boils my blood when the same leaders of PPP don’t hesitate to say “Aaj jumhoriat ki jeet hoye hai (Today, it is victory of Democracy).”

The only thing we Pakistanis are missing is the honest and sincere leadership. This nation have an immense potential and will. Only honest and credible new leadership can restore the dignity and prosperity of Pakistan. Each individual Pakistani should play its part to throw this incompetent so-called “democratic” regime. For this, we must get rid of the mind set which makes you believe “but things can never change”.


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