Network and Switching Subsystem (NSS) – GSM – Telecommunication

The Network and Switching Subsystem (NSS) handles the switching of GSM calls between external networks and the BSCs in the radio subsystem and is also responsible for managing and providing external access to several customer databases. The MSC is the central unit in the NSS and controls the traffic among all of the BSCs. The NSS has three different databases called the Home Location Register (HLR), Visitor Location Register (VLR) and the Authentication Center (AUC).

  • The HLR is a database which contains subscriber information and location information for each user who resides in the same city as the MSC. Each subscriber in a particular GSM market is assigned a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), and this number is used to identify each home user.

  • The VLR is a database which temporarily stores the IMSI and customer information for each roaming subscriber who is visiting the coverage area of a particular MSC. The VLR is lined between several adjoining MSCs in a particular market or geographic region and contains subscription information of every visiting user in the area. Once a roaming mobile is logged in the VLR, the MSC sends the necessary information to the visiting subscriber’s HLR so that calls to the roaming mobile can be appropriately routed over the PSTN by the roaming user’s HLR.

  • The Authentication Center is a strongly protected database which handles the authentication and encryption keys for every single subscriber in the HLR and VLR. The Authentication Center contains a register called the Equipment Identity Register (EIR) which identifies stolen or fraudulently altered phones that transmit identity data that does not match with information contained in either the HLR or VLR.

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