What an Engineer wants in his/her Android Devices?

While looking for some Engineering-related Android app, I find these these apps very helpful and I thought to share it in this blog post. Please let me know what engineering-related mobile apps do you actually use or find most helpful? Thanks!
It helps you avoid doing tedious computations by hand when designing circuits. Another feature you can often use is the standard connector types cheat-sheet.
PID LoopSim:
PID LoopSim is the free limited version of PID LoopSim Pro PID LoopSim is an Android-based simulator for PID practice. It may be used to improve tuning skills by adjusting the PID terms in real time and seeing the reaction of the system. Enter your process characteristics and try out the tuning parameters before applying them in your plant. The simulator shows, in real time, how your process will respond to your tuning parameters based on set point changes. This PID simulator responds in real-time speed in order to get plant-like experience. This means, the simulation responds at the same speed that the real plant would do in real life, so you can get a feel or tuning loops in the real plant.
ConvertPad – Unit Converter:
ConvertPad and ConvertPad Plus(Ad-free version) are most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator.
Oil and gas calculation library. Flow-Xpert is a comprehensive library of certified flow and fluid property calculations used in flow and level measurement systems.
This app is an open-source Matlab clone for Android Plateform. Very useful for performing simulations on the go.
Monitor & Control PLCs from smartphone or tablet.
Autodesk 360:
Quick way to view 2D and 3D DWG and DWF files on Android mobiles.

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