Benefits of ISO9000 Quality Management System Standard Certification

  • Provides a documented system which controls the activities/services/products.
  • Provides written procedures that define authority, responsibility and interfaces.
  • Ensures activities/ services/products that meet all specified requirements.
  • Promotes reputation in the market place through customer satisfaction and happiness.
  • Provides a system which ensures that all noncompliance – errors, deficiencies, complaints and quality problems are immediately identified; controlled and dealt with through feedback loops.
  • Promotes efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Motivates staff towards a pride in carting out their respective job
  • Promotes improved industrial relations through interfaces and interdepartmental cooperation and inputs.
  • Controls all activities/services/products performance data through feedback analysis.
  • Identifies and fulfill training needs and expectations.
  • Improves communication
  • Produces historical records to confirm levels of quality system effectiveness and activities/services/products achievement and assist with product liability claims
  • Provides information for employee’s induction
  • Greater customer loyalty and satisfaction from the education system of an ISO 9000 QMS standard certified organization.

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