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Orange Engineering Services

The ORANGE color depicts our continued enthusiasm, commitment and determination to Energy efficient energy solutions.

Hammad Ansari

Orange Engineering Services

We are dedicated to provide our customers efficient utilization of power, energy and fuel through our products and consultancy, thus keeping environment relatively green.


We pursue with the strategy to keep updated our potential customers of how we create value by showcasing relevant information.

We are guided by the philosophy of Continual Improvement, Customer-Focused effective and efficient Solutions and betterment of the society as a whole.


To achieve innovative technological growth and energy efficient solutions.

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Congratulations Sir Asad Umar

Congratulations sir on your victory in By-elections. I am a recent Electrical Engineering graduate. and we have high hopes from you that you will play effective role in boosting industries in Pakistan.

Asad Umar in Election Campaign for NA-48

I would like to specifically draw your attention in Telecommunication sector in Pakistan.

Sir, There is no mobile phone and other telecom devices manufacturing plant in Pakistan. We have experts in all fields like in software development, hardware designing, pcb designing e.t.c. required for manufacturing process. We have great many people who are interested in RnD and we seriously focus to reduce the technological gaps that we have.

One of my concern is what is the future of Pakistan if there is no latest technology exist in Pakistan? How our future engineers learn the new technology without proper planning and without facilities available in Pakistan?

Engineers have skill to design and make products, but they can’t establish a production/manufacturing units. It needs money which engineering graduates don’t have. It needs support from investors. But it is saddening that our investors prefer to invest in land, commercial buildings and other things but not in technology.

Sir, all eyes are on you and looking forward to your useful steps inside the assembly and outside.

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BroadCasting of GEO TV Network


The term ‘Broadcasting’ refers to the practice of sending content to audience in form of Audio and/or Video through Radio or Television. A broadcast engineer sets up, operates and maintains equipments that are used in broadcasting operations.
The technical or broadcasting department of Geo Network is situated in Spotlight Chamber, 4th Floor, Jang office, Karachi. This department consists of following portions:

  • Master Control Room (MCR)
  • Production Control Room (PCR)
  • Ingesting Room
  • Quality Checking or Quality Control Room (QC Room)
  • Central Apparatus Room
  • VIZ
  • Automation

Master Control Room (MCR)

Master Control Room (MCR) is a centre of major broadcast operations. MCR has very number of monitor screens, Video Tape Recorders (VTR), Video Switchers, Video Mixer, automation systems for recording and playback of programs etc.
Geo Network currently has setup of following 9 channels.

  1. Geo News
  2. Geo News – International
  3. Geo Entertainment
  4. Geo Entertainment (for UK viewers)
  5. Geo Entertainment (for USA viewers)
  6. Geo Entertainment (for Middle East viewers)
  7. Geo Super
  8. Aag
  9. Aag – International

Production Control Room (PCR)

In General, The production control room (PCR), also known as the “gallery” or Studio Control Room (SCR), is the place in a television studio in which the composition of the outgoing program takes place. Facilities in a PCR include:

  • Video Monitor wall
  • Video Switcher
  • Magic Dave with 8 inputs is being used in PCR of Technical Department of Geo Network.

  • Audio Mixer
  • TASCAM DM 3200

  • Playback servers (MAC systems)
  • CAN DV is used for Scheduling and Playback

CAR (Central Apparatus Room)

CAR is the most sensitive and most critical area of whole technical department of Broadcast operations. All efforts are done to keep this room at as low temperature as possible. Equipments like Video routers, MediaPorts, SAN, SPGs, Changeover units, PMBs, Audio Processors etc
Details of some of the apparatus is as follows:

    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • This is the area where all the major contents are stored. The validity of any content stored in SAN is about one month maximum. After the validity expires, the data is automatically is deleted.

    There are two volumes of SAN at CAR of Geo Network. Each volume consists of two RAIDs of seven Hard Drive.

  • Video Routers
  • There are two video routers. One is in CAR, another is in Akhbar Manzil.

  • Tektronix SPG 422
  • The SPG 422 provides the basic timing and test signals needed to operate mixed format environments.

  • Changeover units
  • ECO 422 provides automatic selection of reference sources.

Magic dave, video switcher

Magic Dave with 8 inputs

Sound System, Audio Mixer


SPG 422 Component Digital Master Sync Generator

Changeover units

ECO 422 Changeover units

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Admissions 2011 for all Programs – FAST NUCES


Admission to National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences has always been attractive for students as it has the repute of polishing the students’ abilities and bringing the best out of them. At the same time, it is a challenge for the applicants as students are admitted purely on merit. Strict adherence to the policy of merit and maintenance of academic standards has resulted in a large number of applicants every year, thereby making admissions to the University very competitive and selective.
The University is registered with the SAT & GRE testing boards. Our respective codes are SAT-4575 and GRE-7386. Candidates who would like to apply for Admission should have the scores directly sent to the university by indicating its code at the time of SAT/ GRE test registration.
For Admission the following score(s) are required:

Undergraduate Programs ( SAT)
BS(EE/CS): SAT-I and SAT-II(Math Level II C)
Graduate Programs (GRE)
MS(EE/CS/Math) Subject
MBA/MS(SPM) General
PhD Subject
For the details of admission procedure see the link : Click Here!

LAST Date is 4th July 2011.

Admission Tests from 11th July 2011
Result Announcement on 23rd July 2011

Contact details:

Islamabad Campus:
051-111-128-128 Ext 117, 345, 300
FAST-NU, A.K. Brohi Road, H-11/4, Islamabad

Lahore Campus:
FAST-NU, Block-B, Faisal Town, Lahore

Karachi Campus:
St.4, Sector 17-D, Shah Latif Town (On National Highway)

Peshawar Campus:
FAST-NU, 160, Hayatabad Industrial Estate,Peshawar

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What most Engineers lack!

Engineering is a challenging career, not only for those who are/were academically weak or people who are not passionate about solving real world problems through electrical, civil, mechanical or other engineering disciplines’ intriguing practices. As a student, I, at times, feel that subjects like Mathematics, Physics etc do not have real world applications. Average engineering students, like me, assumes that once we graduated from reputed engineering institutes, all the hardships will come to an end and we will be perfect of engineering concepts and knowledge. But soon after starting careers, most realize that their academic education was just the beginning.
Rightly said by Carl Selinger in his book, ‘Stuff You Don’t Learn In Engineering School’,
“Soon after starting their careers, most realize that their academic education was just the beginning”

Whenever I think of enhancing my technical competencies, I generally rely on readily available sources: class lectures, books, websites etc. These sources help in learning technical theories, methods and tools required for enhancing technical abilities. But there are other subjects as well, generally which are not taught in engineering institutes. These subjects are as important as any other core engineering subjects. These includes

  • Communication and Interpersonal Competencies
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Business Skills
  • Professional Development Planning

Deficiencies in these areas can’t be solved overnight. Even the brightest engineers, after realizing the importance of all these competencies, find it makes their heads spin. They often don’t know where to start and don’t know how to go about developing these abilities.

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