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IEEE NUCES Extended Executive Committee Members

Dear IEEE NUCES Members,
IEEE NUCES feels proud to announce its Extended Executive Committee members for the year 2011-12. Following students have been selected as part of the extended ExCom.

IEEE – Event Management Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Sarfaraz Ilyas 09-2383 Head
Osama Ahmed 09-2427 Deputy Head
Osama Ali Khan 10-2354 Co-Deputy Head

IEEE – Marketing Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Khan Muhammad Assad Kamal 09-2316 Head
Yousuf Rizwan 09-2392 Deputy Head

IEEE – Creative Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Aamir Habiby 09-2376 Head
Batool Fatima 09-2395 Deputy Head

IEEE – Content Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Muhammad Hassan 10-2390 Head
Maryam Shahbaz 10-2337 Deputy Head

IEEE – Human Resource Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Naveed ur Rehman 09-2378 Head
Ali Sadan 09-2388 Deputy Head

IEEE – Research and Development Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Muhammad Ubaid-ur-Rehman 09-2323 Head
S. M. Umar 09-2360 Deputy Head

IEEE – Advisor to President and Vice President, IEEE

Name Roll no. Designation
Mesam Akhtar 09-2381 Advisor

IEEE – Coordinators

Name Roll no. Designation
Syed Emmad Tariq Fatimi 09-2415 Head
Muhammad Rabeet Sagri 10-2187 Deputy Head

IEEE – Women in Engineering (WIE) Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Zuvaina Munir 09-2343 Chairperson
Mahtab Hyder 09-2344 Vice Chairperson

IEEE – Communication Society Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Atif Mehmood Malik 08-0045 Chairperson
Waqar Asif 09-2408 Vice Chairperson

IEEE – Robotics and Automations Society Team

Name Roll no. Designation
Zerq Khan 09-2409 Chairperson
Ali Iqbal 09-2416 Vice Chairperson

Congratulations to all those who are selected for IEEE NUCES extended ExCom 2011-12. IEEE NUCES welcomes you all and wish a great tenure as well as a fruitful period for IEEE NUCES (Karachi).



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Dear all,
It is with immense pleasure that I announce the following members of executive committee of IEEE-NUCES (Karachi) has been elected. The new committee comprises of the following members:

Hammad Ansari
Cell phone: 0342-2986604

Syed Shah Rukh Razi
Vice Chairman
Cell phone: 0343-2533263

Muhammad Faraz Sohail
General Secretary
Cell phone: 0332-3009767

Ahmed Hasan Nasir
Cell phone: 0345-3413027

Atif Mehmood Malik
Chairman, IEEE NUCES ComSoc
Cell phone: 0345-7281227

Zerq Khan
Cell phone: 0336-5070110


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IEEE – Advancing Technology For Humanity

IEEE - Advancing Technology For Humanity

Lots of people ask me about IEEE, that what is IEEE? That how IEEE is contributing in the “Advancing Technology for Humanity”? In this blog, I try to answer these critical questions.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, read as I-Triple-E) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation. When IEEE was formed in 1963, it mainly focuses on Electrical and Electronics Engineering. With the passage of time, it continues to expand. Now IEEE comprises of 38 societies and 7 technical councils.
In September 2009, the IEEE Board of Directors approved an IEEE tagline – Advancing Technology for Humanity. IEEE tagline consists of two parts ie ‘Advancing Technology. . .’ and ‘. . . for Humanity’.

IEEE is world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. We have seen large growth in opto- and nanoelectronics, robotics, medical and biological technology, energy, communications, and computing. IEEE uses its resources to respond quickly to support the initiation and sustainability of new activities and to nurture communities working in new technical areas. IEEE advances technology through its publishing, conference, standards, and educational businesses.
IEEE provides a wide range of quality publications and standards that make the exchange of technical knowledge and information possible among technology professionals. IEEE sponsors more than 1,000 annual conferences and meetings worldwide. IEEE is also highly involved in the technical program development of numerous events including trade events, training workshops, job fairs, and other programs.

For Humanity, IEEE has maximum effect by choosing opportunities with sustainable technical solutions to the problem of improving the living conditions of locally disadvantaged segments of the population. These solutions must scale through replication to benefit increasingly larger populated areas. We must identify local members and volunteers who can act as champions for these activities and communicate their achievements and benefits to neighboring communities.
IEEE awards prize money to students from around the world who develop unique solutions to real-world problems using engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to benefit their community and/or humanity as a whole. IEEE Presidents’ Change the world is just an example.

IEEE - Advancing Technology For Humanity

In the end, I would like to encourage you all to join this global cause of ‘Advancing Technology for Humanity’ and become a member of IEEE.

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