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Orange Engineering Services

The ORANGE color depicts our continued enthusiasm, commitment and determination to Energy efficient energy solutions.

Hammad Ansari

Orange Engineering Services

We are dedicated to provide our customers efficient utilization of power, energy and fuel through our products and consultancy, thus keeping environment relatively green.


We pursue with the strategy to keep updated our potential customers of how we create value by showcasing relevant information.

We are guided by the philosophy of Continual Improvement, Customer-Focused effective and efficient Solutions and betterment of the society as a whole.


To achieve innovative technological growth and energy efficient solutions.

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Basic Concept and Definition of “Load” in Power Systems

The term “Load” in electrical power system engineering can have several meanings. Here are basic definitions of the term “Load”.

  1. A device, connected to a power system, that consumes power.
  2. The total power (active and/or reactive) consumed by all the devices connected to a power system.
  3. A portion of the system that is not explicitly represented in a system model, but rather is treated as if it were a single power-consuming device connected to a bus in the system model.
  4.  The power output of a generator or generating plant.


Where the meaning is not clear from the context, the terms, “Load Device”, “System Load”, “Bus Load”, and Generator or Plant Load, respectively, may be used to clarify the intent.


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Congratulations Sir Asad Umar

Congratulations sir on your victory in By-elections. I am a recent Electrical Engineering graduate. and we have high hopes from you that you will play effective role in boosting industries in Pakistan.

Asad Umar in Election Campaign for NA-48

I would like to specifically draw your attention in Telecommunication sector in Pakistan.

Sir, There is no mobile phone and other telecom devices manufacturing plant in Pakistan. We have experts in all fields like in software development, hardware designing, pcb designing e.t.c. required for manufacturing process. We have great many people who are interested in RnD and we seriously focus to reduce the technological gaps that we have.

One of my concern is what is the future of Pakistan if there is no latest technology exist in Pakistan? How our future engineers learn the new technology without proper planning and without facilities available in Pakistan?

Engineers have skill to design and make products, but they can’t establish a production/manufacturing units. It needs money which engineering graduates don’t have. It needs support from investors. But it is saddening that our investors prefer to invest in land, commercial buildings and other things but not in technology.

Sir, all eyes are on you and looking forward to your useful steps inside the assembly and outside.

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Free Books for Engineering Students

Following Engineering books are available without any cost (FREE!) on first come basis.

  1. Computer organization and Architecture – 7th Edition – By William Stallingsfree_books
  2. Probability, Random variables and Random Signal Principles – 4th Edition – By Peyton Z. Peebles, JR.
  3. Engineering Economy – 6th Edition – By Leland Blank and Anthony Tarquin
  4. Computer Graphics, Principles and Practice – 2nd Edition in C – James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes
  5. Feedback Control Systems – 4th Edition – By Charles L. Phillips and Royce D. Harbor
  6. The Intel Microprocessors (Architecture, Programming and Interfacing) – 8th Edition – Barry B. Brey
  7. Digital Image Processing using MATLAB – By rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods, Steven L. Eddins

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Renewable Energy Systems in Power Electronics

Renewable Energy

One of the most important course in electrical engineering where a continuous update of the course outline is essential is power electronics and its applications. The frequent update of course outline may proved to be an efficient way to implement an up-to-date research-based education and implement new emerging applications.

Among many new applications in the field of Power Electronics is in renewable energy systems. Renewable energy is not very popular in Pakistan at the moment. The use of Renewable Energy is gaining popularity worldwide and this is the right time to embrace this field with open arms.

The outline under the chapter of Renewable Energy should atleast contain Introduction to Renewable Energy System, Need for more energy, Renewable Energy Sources (solar, wind, hydro etc), environmental impact, Renewable energy in a sustainable future etc

I would really appreciate your comments on this issue. And dont forget to follow me on twitter 😀

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IEEE – Advancing Technology For Humanity

IEEE - Advancing Technology For Humanity

Lots of people ask me about IEEE, that what is IEEE? That how IEEE is contributing in the “Advancing Technology for Humanity”? In this blog, I try to answer these critical questions.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, read as I-Triple-E) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation. When IEEE was formed in 1963, it mainly focuses on Electrical and Electronics Engineering. With the passage of time, it continues to expand. Now IEEE comprises of 38 societies and 7 technical councils.
In September 2009, the IEEE Board of Directors approved an IEEE tagline – Advancing Technology for Humanity. IEEE tagline consists of two parts ie ‘Advancing Technology. . .’ and ‘. . . for Humanity’.

IEEE is world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. We have seen large growth in opto- and nanoelectronics, robotics, medical and biological technology, energy, communications, and computing. IEEE uses its resources to respond quickly to support the initiation and sustainability of new activities and to nurture communities working in new technical areas. IEEE advances technology through its publishing, conference, standards, and educational businesses.
IEEE provides a wide range of quality publications and standards that make the exchange of technical knowledge and information possible among technology professionals. IEEE sponsors more than 1,000 annual conferences and meetings worldwide. IEEE is also highly involved in the technical program development of numerous events including trade events, training workshops, job fairs, and other programs.

For Humanity, IEEE has maximum effect by choosing opportunities with sustainable technical solutions to the problem of improving the living conditions of locally disadvantaged segments of the population. These solutions must scale through replication to benefit increasingly larger populated areas. We must identify local members and volunteers who can act as champions for these activities and communicate their achievements and benefits to neighboring communities.
IEEE awards prize money to students from around the world who develop unique solutions to real-world problems using engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to benefit their community and/or humanity as a whole. IEEE Presidents’ Change the world is just an example.

IEEE - Advancing Technology For Humanity

In the end, I would like to encourage you all to join this global cause of ‘Advancing Technology for Humanity’ and become a member of IEEE.

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