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Congratulations Sir Asad Umar

Congratulations sir on your victory in By-elections. I am a recent Electrical Engineering graduate. and we have high hopes from you that you will play effective role in boosting industries in Pakistan.

Asad Umar in Election Campaign for NA-48

I would like to specifically draw your attention in Telecommunication sector in Pakistan.

Sir, There is no mobile phone and other telecom devices manufacturing plant in Pakistan. We have experts in all fields like in software development, hardware designing, pcb designing e.t.c. required for manufacturing process. We have great many people who are interested in RnD and we seriously focus to reduce the technological gaps that we have.

One of my concern is what is the future of Pakistan if there is no latest technology exist in Pakistan? How our future engineers learn the new technology without proper planning and without facilities available in Pakistan?

Engineers have skill to design and make products, but they can’t establish a production/manufacturing units. It needs money which engineering graduates don’t have. It needs support from investors. But it is saddening that our investors prefer to invest in land, commercial buildings and other things but not in technology.

Sir, all eyes are on you and looking forward to your useful steps inside the assembly and outside.

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The Scientists are making their way to PTI

Now the Scientists are making their way to PTI. The joining of former Rector GIK Institute and ex Member Planning Commission of Pakistan, Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan is in the NEWS these days. The brightest brains of Pakistan are joining PTI platform because they know this is the place from where they can deliver.

Consider if our Defence Minister is a Scientist, or Education Minister is a Scientist, or IT and Telecomm Minister is a Scientist, or Water and Power Development Minister is a Scientist, or Petroleum and Gas Minister is a Scientist. How well that Ministry will be run? Opening of new Research and Development centres and investment in R&D will be their priority.

The circle in Pakistan is completely opposite. Middle failed, fake degree holders are ruling the educated lot. We need to turn this phenomenon around. We need the brightest and best in the parliament. Its better to have higher educated profeesionals instead of fake degree holder jahils corrupts.

This step of Dr. Shaukat is a positive sign of Pakistani politics.

Leading scientist Dr. Shaukat Hameed joins PTI

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“Pakistan towards year 2050” by Dr Adnan Haider

A book, “Pakistan towards year 2050” will be published in June 2012.The author of the book is Dr Adnan Haider, PhD, member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,
Publisher: TheNextBigwriter Booksie, USA.

Dr Adnan Haider has written many books on similar topics. The book “Pakistan towards year 2050” describes some predictions, based on the facts, theories and possibilities in world politics. The book describes the role of United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia in internal and external circumstances of Pakistan till the year 2050.

The book presents some facts about political revolutions in Pakistan from year 2013 to 2050. The book compares various political systems of the world and their implementation in Pakistan. The book has included the views of different political scientists, social scientists, policy makers, technocrats, senators, congressmen, professors and analysts from across the globe.

The university professors in American and European universities have given their opinions (predictions) about the movement of Pakistan’s politics from 2013 to 2050.

The author Dr Adnan Haider, PhD predicted the economical growth of Pakistan, the high technology’s future in Pakistan and the role of Pakistan as mediator between the Islamic world and the Western world in future. The next four decades (2010-2020, 2020-2030, 2030-2040 and 2040 to 2050) are very important for the next generations of Pakistanis.
The author is very realistic, practical and optimistic about the future of Pakistan.

The contents of the book “Pakistan towards year 2050” are:

  1. Pakistan’s Brief History
  2. Politics in Pakistan
  3. What can make Pakistan better
  4. How Pakistan can mingle among the Western Nations
  5. Pakistan on world map till 2050
  6. The role of Pakistan’s agencies for the growth of Pakistan
  7. The US Interests till 2050 in Pakistan
  8. India and Pakistan’s relations till 2050
  9. Pakistan,Iran,Afghanistan,South Asia and Central Asia till 2050
  10. The future economy of Pakistan
  11. The future of Political parties of Pakistan
  12. Pakistan’s role in the Muslim world
  13. Pakistan,secularism,capitalism,communism and Islam
  14. The Pakistan’s High Technology towards 2050
  15. The Nationalism towards 2050
  16. The risks for Pakistan for next 4 decades
  17. The Revolutions in Pakistan from 2013 to 2050
  18. Pakistan’s economic reforms till 2050
  19. Pakistan from ideology to implementation
  20. The feudals,armed forces,moderats,liberals and clerics in Pakistan.
  21. Predictions Vs Realities
  22. Assumptions Vs Facts
  23. What is next in Pakistan

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PTI Jalsa Site and Traffic Map for 25th Dec

Transport for the students

Conveyance available for PTI Jalsa on 25th Dec. All youth/students must reach the following points at10:30AM.

  1. NIPA
  2. PIDC
  3. Teen Talwar
  4. Malir Halt
  5. Practical Centre (13-D, Gulshan)
  6. Wireless, Shah Faisal
  7. Waterpump, Gulberg
  8. Agha Khan Uni
  9. Iqra University

For more details, Contact: 0321-2118953

PTI Jalsa Traffic Map

PTI Jalsa Traffic Map

PTI Jalsa Site Map

PTI Jalsa Site Map


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PTI National Unity Jalsa 25th December important guidelines

Elaborate security arrangements are being made, to ensure a peaceful event, with a massive crowd expected, we together need to ensure discipline amongst ourselves.

  1. Come early as the Jalsa is expected to start at 2pm
  2. Security check points will be to ensure safety of everyone, please corporate with the police and our volunteers
  3. Please pack WARM clothes as Karachi is experiencing a cold spell
  4. Please bring water and snacks
  5. It may be best to carry a darri so you can sit on the ground if there are not enough chairs
  6. There are 3 public entrance points for the Jalsa, please follow the
    1. Gate 1 = Ladies & Families
    2. Gate 2 & 3 = General
  7. Chairs are available but in limited quantity
  8. 4 large screens are available throughout the venue to allow adequate viewing, best views will be from the screens
  9. Audio will be loud and clear
  10. As usual be weary of Pickpockets, carry minimal cash and be watchful
  11. Due to a large crowd, YOU have to help us maintain discipline, each person must play their part in this landmark Jalsa and Inshallah it will be a proud moment for Karachi

Route Map

Coming from Shahrah-e-Qaideen

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Society Office Chowrangi
  2. Parking will be available at Kashmir Road
  3. Shuttles will transport you to the venue

Coming from MA Jinnah Road

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Numaish
  2. Parking will be available behind KG Ground
  3. Shuttles will trasport you to the venue

Coming from New MA Jinnah Road

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Madina Road or Allah Wali Masjid
  2. Parking will be available at the CDGK parking lot near Empress Market
  3. Shuttles will transport you to the venue

Coming from Guru Mander

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Guru Mander
  2. Parking will be available in the side streets
  3. Shuttles will transport you to the venue

Coming from Jail Road

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Peoples Chowk / Secretariat Chowrangi
  2. Parking will be available in the side streets and Islamia College
  3. Shuttles will transport you to the venue

Coming from Britto Road

  1. Barricade will stop all vehicular traffic at Soldier Bazar
  2. Parking will be available at Nishtar Park
  3. Shuttles will transport you to the venue

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Marvi Memon and PTI

From various surveys and forums, it is evident that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is fastest growing political party in Pakistan although PTI doesn’t have representation in parliament. Light of awareness is spreading among the people of Pakistan. People are now realizing that none of existing political party of Pakistan is capable enough to bring Pakistan in the path of progress and development.

Another evidence of PTI‘s growth is that big political giants from all over Pakistan are joining PTI. According to news, Marvi Memon of PMLQ formally contacted PTI Chairman Imran Khan if she can join PTI. Of course, Imran Khan gave a green signal to Marvi Memon to join PTI.

Currently she is on reserved seat for women elected on PMLQ‘s ticket. If she leaves PMLQ, I think she automatically looses her MNA seat. Potential of the parent political party considerably supplements the struggle of any candidate to win any seat in the national elections.

Marvi’s marvelous enlightened articulation on electronic Media would be her most meaningful and effective contribution. Her sacrificing the seat for PTI at this stage would earn her monumental and spectacular nation-wide political eminence and rare respect from PTI patrons and supporters. I think she should compete from Karachi or Thatta in the next elections.

Sources also say that she is asking for any important position in the party before joining PTI. Honestly, I think, she deserves that. After all she is one of the most active politicians of Pakistan, travelling throughout the year and raising issues of common people of rural areas. She has proved herself as a loyal citizen to her country. She maybe the best information secretary PTI would ever have. I am sure being the bundle of energy she is, she can help raise it to new levels.

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